Hello, As managing director to TAK GRANULE DEHGHAN INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTION GROUP Mohammad Dehghan

I take the opportunity to thank God and declare that our satisfied customers are considered as our most important assets which we are certainly proud of.

Meanwhile, acting actively as a part of production and employment chain in our country makes us thrilled.

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Recycled Material and Environmental Health

Plastic materials are recycled due to the following reasons: establishment of new petrochemical factories and production of more plastics, more plastic usage due to urbanization and its utilization in different industries, being un-degradable and its durability of 300 years in environment and making environmental pollution.
  • This is why :
    1 - less plastic wastes are burned or buried.
    2 - For production of recycled materials less energy and raw materialthan the new ones is needed.
    3 - Decrease of waste materials and their reuse results in decrease of environmental pollution.

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